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Stormshield logo

Storm Shield Technology

Storm Shield is an innovative fabric composition developed in-house for weather-ready Peter Storm clothing. The Storm Shield seal is a mark of quality, a sign that the garment on which it is featured is prepared to stand up the worst of the British weather.

Storm Shield is constructed to shed wind and rain with ease, whilst remaining highly breathable and lightweight, ensuring total protection on any outdoor adventure be it a casual walk or intrepid hike. With a 3000mm hydrostatic head, a jacket fitted with Storm Shield technology guarantees waterproof performance, remaining dry and remaining cool when the going gets tough.

Stormshield Plus logo

Storm Shield+

Storm Shield+ is a reinforced, technical version of the classic Storm Shield fabric formula that is engineered to conquer the worst conditions. Extra strength fabric generates a 10,000mm hydrostatic head to completely block out moisture, even during extended periods of heavy rain.

Although the fabric is highly protective, it does not compromise on its’ breathable qualities. The clever layered construction allows for internal air to pass through the fabric for constant cooling and increased performance on active adventures.

Storm Shield+ signifies the pinnacle of protection in the Peter Storm range.