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About Peter Storm

Instantly recognisable from its’ eponymous logo, Peter Storm is a name that symbolises quality and accessibility to adventurers and enthusiasts across the country.

The Peter Storm range promises long lasting protection and warmth with signature traditional outdoor styling details. An extensive and varied collection contains everything from waterproof jackets and trousers to hill-ready footwear and cosy accessories.

Although this hasn’t always been the case. Peter Storm was founded by one man in 1954, who had had enough of the damp and unpredictable British weather…

Noel Bibby - Creator of the Cagoule

Noel Bibby was a British royal marine who served during World War Two. It was his experiences fighting across the world that lead him to combine his love for the outdoors with his proactive and resourceful nature, and create the original nylon cagoule in 1954.

100% waterproof, lightweight, packable and representing great value, the first cagoule was everything you needed for a day exposed to the unpredictable British weather, and not-surprisingly it was an immediate success.

Still revered today, the classic cagoule is still an ever-present sight across the countryside, as well as at festivals and football matches, with both its’ practical and fashionable aspects being championed by people across the globe.

The popularity and success was the catalyst that gave rise to the Peter Storm brand, moving from a simple packable waterproof, to technical insulated jackets and high street staples. To this date, there have Peter Storm has put its’ name to thousands of high quality outdoor products.

British Heritage, British Heart

There are few tasks tougher than creating clothing that can function in (never mind beat) the temperamental weather of this fair isle.

Noel Bibby’s original cagoule did just that, and it’s the practicality and weather beating performance of the original that is instilled in all Peter Storm products to this very day.

Icons of style, and ready for all weather types, every product in the Peter Storm range has the same British value at its’ heart - tried and tested to take on the most varied of weather.

Designed in Britain. Built for British Weather, Since 1954.